Hampton Hollow Farm

A farm on a hill overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Hampton Hollow Farm is a small scale spray-free vegetable farm located on the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley overlooking the Bay of Fundy in Hampton, Nova Scotia.  Through our farm, we want to contribute to our rural community while providing Nova Scotians with the option of locally grown food. 

Hello!  We are Chrissy Clothier and Erin Marshall. We are new farmers, and we own Hampton Hollow Farm located on the North Mountain, overlooking the Bay of Fundy in Hampton, Nova Scotia.  We took advantage of an opportunity to revive the old Marshall family farm that hadn't been farmed in over forty years.  Erin had been interested in bringing back the farm while still living in NL five years ago, and the dream became reality when he moved back to NS in 2010.  He started working on improving the soil, and growing different crops on the property.  We began planning to start the farm as our family business in January 2014.   

We decided to get into farming because we wanted to grow our own food, and help benefit our community, while making a happy living for our family. It's necessary for us to know what we're eating and what we're feeding our child, and to teach him how to grow his own food as he gets older. Food security and the availability of good, quality, organic, tasty food is important to us. 

Our close proximity to the Bay Of Fundy allows us to collect storm cast seaweed for our fields.  We are actively monitoring the benefits of composted seaweed on growing nutrient dense crops.  We are also learning about haskap berry orchard development.  We are exploring many options of irrigation and water storage.  There is always something to learn on the farm!

We feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity.  We love being in Hampton, working, and spending our free time exploring and enjoying our panoramic views.